Want to take a cycling trip to Tuscany? Road, Gravel, MTB?  We do it all!

We are all about a concierge, custom experience at BICI ITALIA. Whether its road only, a mix of road and ‘Strade Bianche’, mostly gravel white roads, or MTB trails; we will build your ride plan around your interests. Your trip, your ride, your way!

The Road Riding around the Chianti area of Tuscany are some of the best in the World. Pedal along picturesque vineyards, on cypress line gravel roads and through historic medieval villages. The roads are generally smooth and quiet with very little traffic.  Routes can be created that provide a mix of rolling hills, short or long climbs. Route distances and ride times are always dictated by the client. No reason you to start a ride you know you can't finish, or finish a ride that was half the length you normally ride. 

For those road cyclists that are a bit adventurous or want to try something ‘new’ while on holiday, routes can included short sections of ‘Strade Bianche’ gravel to simply connect paved sections. Most of these short Strade Bianche sections are generally very smooth and not technical so regular road bikes can navigate. We have had more than one client test out the Strade Bianche, gained confidence and returned home to purchase a gravel bike!

Our Gravel rides will include the longer sections of Strade Bianche and are generally hilly and technical, making a modern gravel bike the perfect choice.   Routes will be laid out that include many popular sections of Tuscany's famous white gravel roads with other sections only known to us locals. Routes will be created based on interest and experience. 

MTB riding in Chianti will encompass much of the harder, steeper gravel roads and forest maintenance tracks.   While the gravel roads may be smooth and fast, the less maintained forest paths will challenge even experienced riders. The forest maintenance tracks are generally very rocky and technical.

Pick your week and ride with us! You’ll set your pace, pick your terrain, and be led on some of the best rides of your life. Why opt for a group trip with lots of variables that limit your ride? Make it ‘your trip, your ride, your way’! Enjoyable cycling in Tuscany and even more memorable cultural experiences await you! Send BICI ITALIA an email today and we will plan a cycling trip of a lifetime. Andiamo!